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Annadata- Common Platform for Buyer-Seller

'Annadata'- is a user-friendly platform developed by ‘Bharuwa Agri Science' for trading of online agricultural products. The farmer, Trades, retailor, distributor or a whole seller can registred on Annadata Platform for online sale & purchase. The platform which provide the directly linksge of buyer & seller on a single platform as per their requirement of price, quantity, quality and time. Product list includes Vegetables, Fruits and Dairy products.

Know Your farmer

Know the farmer who is producing the products you wish to buy before buying them.

100% Natural/Organic Produce

Get pesticide and chemical free Naturally grown or organic Vegetable, Fruits and Millets.

Affordable Prices

Our products are available at reduced prices compared to those at usual organic markets.

Door Step Delivery

We offer door step delivery every Saturday & Sunday for the convenience of our customers.

Annadata Offerings

Annadata – Common Platform for Buyer-Seller
"Annadata" App is dedicated to all farmers. Very helpful to all farmers, retailers, wholesalers, hotels, lawns etc. who looks for buying & trading farm products direct to customers.

Easy Registration

A Common platform for Farmer and Producers to connect with Mandi businesses, Retailers and End Consumers.

Enhanced Connectibility

The platform provides easy connectivity to other available platforms as e-NAM etc. The advertisements both at buyer and seller end can also be ported and displayed on other connected platforms.

Smart Adds

Both Buyer and seller can posts their advertisements of sale and requirement at a common platform. Also, can visualize nearby adds.

Login Options

The E Commerce platform automatically connects with another agri-platform i.e. Dharti Ka Doctor or else can also register with Annadata and list their produces for sale.

Complete Agri-Farm Produce

The range of products that can be listed cover the complete agriculture spectrum for e.g. Pulses, Fruits, Vegetables, Milk, Poultry, Farm Equipments etc.

Strategic Sales

Strategic Transactions specialize in strategic Sales. We target the prospective buyers with majority of sales options as bidding or fixed.

The Fresh Journey

(From Farm to Table)

Integrating Sellers and Buyers of fresh Fruits & Vegetables


Why Choose Annadata

Supporting local farms that practice sustainable agriculture and getting farm fresh food for a healthier life:

High Quality Organic Produce

Annadata’s is committed to supplying certified organic, high-quality produce year round. We develop trusted relationships with growers, sourcing locally whenever possible. Working with growers and supplying organically grown products is not only a priority, but also a cause we are faithfully committed to. All the products are coming across various parts of India from Trusted sources

Complete Traceability

The platform will help to capture all relevant information through a simple mobile application and give insights on the data captured. Having field-level monitoring capability, all the farm activities are captured in the system ensuring traceability of the entire value chain. Thus, to ensure the authenticity of foods commercialized as “organic”, there is an existing need for robust, accurate and inexpensive methods to support the certification, control and traceability systems.

Affordable Prices

We offer high quality products for Affordable prices, our main goal is customer satisfaction, which we obtain through market orientation and the allocation of ongoing service and support.

Door step Delivery

We are happy to deliver your order to your doorstep, or to any other place you wish. We secure service to make sure your order arrives on-time and in good condition. We provide our customers with sending and delivery confirmation note/receipt for all shipments stating the time, date and names by whom the consignments are received and sent including their addresses.


  • Farm to Door

    We offer the freshest of fruits and vegetables, top quality pulses and food grains, dairy products delivered directly from farm to doorstep. With touchpoints across every stage – from farm to door – we enable tracing back the provenance of the produce to its origin, with details of farmer, farm location, date and time of harvest as well as and complete visibility into logistics, conditions of storage, chain of custody and more.
  • Convenient Pickup – Delivery Scheduling

    Customers can specify the date and time on which they want their orders to be delivered to the specified address. They can also request for the instant delivery of the order. Scheduled Delivery allows you to choose a date and time convenient to you for delivery. This means you don’t have to worry about the product reaching home while you’re not present and Always ensure to update your preferred delivery location / address to verify if the seller is offering the product or deal to your location.
  • Real-Time Order Tracking Tool:

    The customer can view the shipping status until the ordered reaches their doorsteps. It maintains the customer's loyalty to your business and refers to the business processes and services involved in ordering goods and services — purchasing, processing, fulfilling, shipping, delivering, and following up with the customer. It maintains the customer's loyalty to your business and the customers always know where each package is.
  • Re-Ordering Facility

    Re-Order Just with a single click, the customers can place the order for the same items at the same or different address. They also have an option to change the whole items or specific items in the cart. Customer will be notified immediately when order is assigned through SMS / Text. Customer shall track order status by viewing the link. Delivery agent will collect Proof of Delivery such as Signature, Photo and location. Delivery will never miss!
  • Real-Time Pop Up Notifications

    Features of Customer Application Real-Time Pop Up Notifications The customers get push up notifications related to their order status, offers, discounts provided by the owner. It helps the customer to attract towards your business. Order Status with History The customer is able to check all the orders, delivery status, bills, and whole information associated with current and past orders. Product Search Filter Customers can search for the product available at the store by filling the required item name, categories or the price with different search and sorting filters.
  • Price Comparisons

    Customers can compare the prices of different products and select the best quality product at the minimum possible price. The customer can calculate the cost of different items and overall cost of the items to order without even making purchases. They can compare the prices of different products as well.
  • Product Search Filter

    Customers can search for the product available at the store by filling the required item name, categories or the price with different search and sorting filters. Better Sorting enables for customer to filter products quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. They can save a lot of time and process shopping faster. More details, the products can be sorted out based on Discount, Best Seller, Most Viewed, Top Rating, Review Count, New Arrivals, Stock Quantity, Wish List, Product Name, Price, Position and Relevance. Also, at the Search Page and Category Page, users can quickly narrow the groups of products they are considering and quickly find out the preferred items to pick to their cart. The shopping journey becomes much more fascinated with Better Sorting!
  • Multiple Payment Processing Systems

    Customers can go through the payment process with a variety of options like online net banking, PayPal, credit cards, debit cards and Paytm. we can offer our customers their most popular and trusted local payment methods and currencies. We'll also be able to deliver a faster and less frustrating payments process as the use of local providers helps minimize declined transactions and latency times.
  • Sharing Option

    Customers can instantly share the product information on messaging apps or social media just by tapping share button. All the vital details like the photo, link, title and the price will be shared. With a simple click, anyone can share directly to a friend. This provides an opportunity to avoid the rather long process of copying a URL, leaving the website, opening a new page and pasting the link where you want to share something with others.
  • Ratings & Feedback Management System

    It empowers businesses to collect customer feedback effortlessly. Customers can provide ratings, reviews, and feedback as per their experience and satisfaction level. The Rating & Feedback System Allows Businesses to Better Understand Their Customers and Clients. Needless to say, a client feedback system is designed to help (and sometimes encourage) customers to share their thoughts and opinions about a particular company, product or
The Fresh Experience

Delivered to Customers within shortest time from the harvest

Safe & Hygienic

Quality produce sourced from verified farms, stored and handled in safe, clean and right conditions

Reliable Service

Our motivated team ensures customised experience to offer convenience all the time


Trusted partner in fresh produce ecosystem by solving problems & delivering superior value

"Eat Healthy - STAY HEALTHY"


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